Three Individual Artisanal Almond Cakes (Not Gift Boxed)

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Three Individual Artisanal Almond Cakes (Not Gift Boxed)

3 Almond Cakes Not Gift Boxed

Our Too Pretty To Eat® Almond cake, is rich, dense, buttery and moist with a chewy crust and a nice little crunch of toasted almonds. Sweet with just a touch of sea salt. A perfect balance of tastes and textures. 

Each and every small batch almond cake is beautifully gift wrapped and ready for presentation! Seven inches in diameter with seven ingredients. All the nutritional facts are based on 12 servings per cake.

Surprise and delight the special people in your life..including yourself! Our small-batch almond cake is lovingly made by hand. Hand mixed in small batches with a lot of love from a family recipe. As a breakfast treat, or served with tea or coffee for an afternoon snack. Sometimes it's just the thing with a glass of milk. Our customers have served this cake on brunch buffets, weddings and at showers. It's a big hit on Christmas morning! 

Non gift boxed almond cakes, get three... one for you, one to give, and one for when you wish you had ordered an extra!