Toddlers Tee (Design #37)

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Toddlers Tee (Design #37)

Toddler's Tee



When we asked our beautiful 5 year old niece if she wanted one cupcake, her answer was no.

When we asked her if she wanted two cupcakes she said no, no.

But when we asked if she wanted 3 cupcakes on her tee she smiled and said yes, yes, yes with a big smile! 

That's why this tee has 3 big beautiful cupcakes


This soft toddler tee is 100% cotton Jersey.  

The sleeves and hem are double needle stitched to insure your little cupcake will look great many washings later. 


Out cute cute model is 6 years old and 52" tall.



Toddler Tee

Design #37

Three Cupcakes





100% Cotton

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