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Custom Hand Painted Cookies

Limited Production Cookies 

Hand Painted

We are always designing and baking Limited Production Sugar-Shortbread Cookies, for the upcoming season or for one of our special customers. 


We've been making our Sugar-Shortbread™ Painted Cookies for more than 24 years! We still mix them in small batches, roll, cut, and decorate by hand. I love these cookies; it's one of my favorite bakery items to make.  The main reason is...they ALWAYS make people smile.  And, our company name came from the exclamations people would make when they received their cookies. Called Sugar-Shortbread™ because these cookies have attributes of both those cookies types.  They are buttery, not overly sweet, crunch nicely when you bite into them and most importantly, you can't just eat one! The cookie is made of wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, pure vanilla, and salt. The icing is made with egg whites and confectioners sugar. I do use artificial colors to tint the icing.  


Even though we package all our hand-painted cookies very well we can not guarantee that you may not have some breakage. Your cookies are beautiful, delicious and delicate.

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