Limited Production

We are a small-batch, limited production, artisanal bakery. We use an unchanged family recipe which has always produced the most moist, yet satisfyingly chewy cake ever. Toasted almonds provide a satisfying crunch too! It is a perfect balance of tastes and textures.  It is so rich, dense and so flavorful that you will enjoy it from the first bite on to the last crumb. We thought about naming it the All-Gone Cake because that's what happens in no time! Baking from scratch using fresh ingredients, measuring and mixing by hand naturally limits our production.   You will be delighted with the taste,texture and packaging. Yes, it is completely sealed and wrapped, it may be purchased beautifully boxed with gift enclosures available to be personalized. The perfect gift for you and for the special people in your life.

We take much pride in our hand produced cake and believe the quality and flavor are exceptional. You will definitely order again and again, because it's that good!


We recommend you order three cakes at a time, for you, to give, ..........and one for when you wish you had ordered an extra!  We sell out (limited production) so order early!


Too Pretty To Eat ®