Small Batch Limited Production Almond Cake

Does it really contain nuts?
Yes, it does contain toasted almonds and pure almond extract.


How many servings per cake?
Our nutritional information is based on 12 servings per cake. The product photographs are accurate in that slice size and quantity is based on 12 servings, as in one cake, or a portion of one cake.


Why is this called an Almond Coffee Cake?
The highly technical reason is that my Mom always called it that! we laughingly say that in the future we are going to refer to Mom's almond cake as the All-Gone Cake!  It is so yummy that it is great any time a sweet treat is called for. I usually have it available for breakfast and wrap it on the counter, only to find it gone later in the day.  It's great for any after meal as a  treat when you just need a sweet bite or two. Really, it is irresistible.


How long does the almond cake stay fresh?
One week at room temperature, wrapped well. Because we do not use any additives our cakes do not really enjoy fresh air, the way we humans do. For longer storage, cut into slices, wrap sliced cake well and store in an airtight container in the freezer. Enjoy within 6 months if frozen. We use no additives or preservatives.


Are the almond cakes suitable for a corporate gift?
Absolutely ! Each cake is shrink wrapped, wrapped in our shimmery hot pink or gray tissue,and placed in a glossy black gift box with a descriptive ingredient card inside. Personalized gift enclosures are available (call there is some additional lead required) and we can ship to each client on your list.



Our Cookies 

What kind of cookie is your Painted Cookie?
I call it a Sugar Shortbread.  It is buttery like a shortbread but somewhat crispy, and it is sweet like a sugar cookie, but not quite as sweet.  See?? That's why I combined the two names.  It is one of those cookies you just eat and then eat another and so on.


And the "paint" ?
The icing is an egg-white and confectioner's sugar mixture with pure flavorings sometimes added such as vanilla , orange, lemon, or almond.  I do use artificial food colors to get the vivid hues .  I like to think of each cookie as a work of art and therefore I call them painted cookies.


How long do the cookies stay fresh?
I do not use preservatives, however, my" field" testing has shown that the cookies stay fresh two months if well wrapped. Watch out for day 61...you might need to order more! If you must...freeze, do not refrigerate.  The icing will sweat, then will dry, so give them time. Due to the nature of the icing, the freezing/ thawing/drying process may leave spots in the colored icing. They are perfectly OK to eat, just may appear spotty.


Do you have any other types of cookies?
We will be adding other cookie flavors in the months ahead. For the time being the Sugar Shortbread is our cookie.


Can the cookies be customized for corporate gift-giving?
Yes ! Personalized gift enclosures are available (call there is some additional lead required) and we can ship to each client on your list. Other shaped cookies in other assortments are available for customization for corporate gifts. Please call or e-mail for a consultation.


Sugar-free, gluten- free, nut-free, Kosher ?
Unfortunately, at this time, no, no ,no, and no.


Spencer and Kay 

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